BRAZIL: Is Oprah Winfrey responsible for the high divorce rate in Rio? No it is something else

Way to get Oprah to have me on her show. Blame her for the fact that America’s marriages are imploding like the ocean near Tonga. Blame her for the fact that in a religious country like Brazil, more women are walking out of their marriages than ever before.
But wait. It may not be Oprah’s fault that the Brazilians are getting in on the divorce bandwagon. It may be that they are watching too many soap operas on TV.  No, seriously. A study just came out that was done in Brazil that shows that in communities that get access to telenovelas the divorce rate has gone up dramatically and the birth rate has fallen. They think it’s because women who watch these telenovelas become more sophisticated and want to mimic the characters on the shows–and usually the characters have fewer babies, get divorced in they are not happy in their marriages, have bigger breasts, narrower hips and (don’t shoot the messenger cause believe me she doesn’t fit the mold either) are blonder than the traditionally “guitar-shaped dark haired Brazilian woman.”
Well, whatever. I’m just saying. It’s not Oprah’s fault. Maybe she influences her best friend Gail and some U.S. women to be more independent and hold out for a man who understands that “love is an action word.” But you can’t blame her for the Brazilian situation. It’s their soap operas that are responsible for their divorce rate. They need to stop watching so much TV.