Will Levi Johnston bring a visitation or custody petition against Bristol Palin?

ANCHORAGE ALASKA: The Bristol Palin Levi Johnston break up is about to get nasty and he, Mr. Johnston, is about to out her on the Tyra Banks Show. Apparently the show has already aired and Levi complains that Bristol won’t let him take the son for overnight trips. She lets him see the boy, but that’s about it. No take away visits. He also allegedly states that she forced him to go with her to the Republican National Convention and act the part of a devoted boyfriend/fiance.
Could he conceivably win custody if he brought a petition? Well, you never know. I don’t think any judge in Anchorage will give him custody but you just never know. Here in New York, if one parent is preventing the other parent from having a normal healthy relation with the child, or from seeing the child, that could be a serious issue. That could be tantamount to parental alienation. That is a basis for Bristol to lose custody. Even if the child is in his tender years, there is not longer a presumption that the mother will get custody.
Chances are the 19 year old Levi Johnston is not in a position to provide for the child as well as Bristol can with her parents behind her. After all, Levi’s mother was arrested for some weird drug charge, wasn’t she? Well, don’t quote me on that but I think there was some kind of arrest. Levi is a high school…did Levi even graduate from high school? I know he didn’t go to college who how much can he realistically earn? What kind of life can he give the child if he gets custody?
Bristol is not that much better, but she does have a seeming strong family support. So the child’s best interest, at least right now, would seem to be with the Palins. But who knows? If they are making it hard for Levi to see his son, and he challenges it, they could find themselves in a soup.
My advice? Bristol should allow Levi ample visits even maybe overnights from time to time. She should encourage a healthy relationship between the man and his son if she wants to keep custody.
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