Andrew Cuomo's divorce from Kerry Kennedy created an attorney-general-monster!

[GSMITHBOOK] Andrew busts Ezra Merkin; who’s next for the divorcee?
Andrew Cuomo either has serious political ambitions to become the next governor of New York State (and then president) or he is suffering from residual anger from his divorce from Kerry Kennedy a few years ago.
Okay. Alright. Am I empty-headed for making such idiotic assertions? Come on, don’t hold back on the insults. Cracks me up. Ahahahaha.
It’s just that the man has been busting everybody and their brother for fraud, and all sorts of stuff my little pea brain can’t even compute. I mean, he is positively merciless. They can all expect to hang with Andy at the helm. I for one am crawling under my desk. I’m scared of the attorney general. He’s on a mission. Big time.
I mean, what the hay is going on? Today, he brought and indictment against Bernie Madoff crony Ezra Merkin. A civil indictment and many expect criminal charges to follow. But he’s been busting a lot of guys on Wall Street and I’m getting scared for all of them when Andrew rolls in to town.
Nothing like a divorce from a Kennedy to leave a man with a burning desire to prove himself….wonder if when he becomes governor (they are piling up on Governor Paterson big time, so you know he’s out of there come next year) if Kerry will take him back.
Oh. Wait. Her name is Kerry, right? Andrew’s ex?