Divorce attorney Corri Fetman on how to get a smart divorce

Corri Fetman, 45, is a Chicago Divorce attorney who apparently posed for Playboy. What would possess her to do that? Dunno. Was this pre or post the Juris Doctorate degree? Dunno. But if it was “post” I am wondering why she wasn’t disbarred? Is that “appropriate” for an attorney to pose nude in Playboy? Isn’t that unbecoming of an attorney? Is this where I begin to sound like a prude? Sorry. It just sounds bizarre. I mean, she’s a knockout blond, don’t get me wrong. But, I mean, huh?
Well, whatever. Turns out that Ms. Fetman is now suing Playboy, her former employers. SHE WANTS A DIVORCE!
Well, Ms. Fetman claims that one of the executives at Playboy sexually harassed her and took away her column. She used to write a legal column for Playboy called, “Lawyer of Love.” No, I’m very serious. Maybe you already knew that? I haven’t yet gotten around to getting my first copy of the magazine meself. I guess it’s one of the things I ought to do before I croak…. 
But, so, Ms. Fetman used to give “advice” to Playboy readers. She also claimed, according to the article I just read, that she started her law firm in 1995 because she was being sexually harassed by folks where she was working. Inneresting, no?
Plus, apparently, last year, she made news for her billboard advertising in Chicago: Life is short, get a divorce. That spurred a flurry of press and publicity and even outrage.
Wow. I am tempted to say that she has been sexually harassed a lot. But you know what? Most women in the world can probably bring at least one sexual harassment lawsuit in their lifetime because, frankly, it just happens. You don’t even have to be an attractive blond. You can be the total antithesis of that and there is somebody who just won’t let you bleeping be. It’s crazy.
You wanna go like, “dude, I’m fat. I’m old. Leave me the bleep alone!” But you have to be careful with that. Cause for some of these bozos it is an even bigger turn on when you lose it like that.
But. I gotta say. I don’t  understand the posing in Playboy thingy.  I mean, if you don’t want that kind of attention to the point that you make a career out of suing over sexual harassment, why in the world would you pose for Playboy?! Is it my naivete coming through here? I mean, really? I am very confused by this divorce attorney’s actions. They seem to contradict.
But if she wins her lawsuit, she is looking at $4.5 million dollars. I’d say that is not a bad settlement. I’d say that is a smart way to get a divorce, actually. Wouldn’t you concur?