How to avoid divorce part deux: Have a date night once per week at the Waldorf!

I could hear the Oprah Winfrey Show playing in the other room today and I know she was doing something on mommies and marriages and avoiding divorce. And I heard the words “Date Night” and I thought “aha! I can do a post on that.”
Why is date night so important? Because, you have to remember that before there were the kids and all the other things that can come between a couple, there was just the two of you. And having a date night reaffirms your commitment to the two of you.
It is okay to have a truck load of kids and what have you. But not okay to allow YOU to get lost in the shuffle when YOU becomes a family of US.  Know what I mean?
And its not like you have to be swinging from the chandeliers (I never understood what they meant by that? I mean, how can you….you know….shag from the chandelier? I don’t get it.!) But it is to say that, you know, when you’re married you can’t live like you’re single. Not if one of you doesn’t want to live like you are brother and sister.
You know?
So go out once per week, check in to the Waldorf with your Victoria’s Secret trousseau and be slightly um, I don’t know. I don’t care.
Look, I am just trying to get a new entry in the Sex and Divorce section but you know what? I find this section incredibly tedious. So just use your imagination and leemee alone. Cause I don’t wanna talk about it no mo. And you know what else? If you’re gonna take advice from me on this issue? You are really, really in bad shape. And you don’t know just how bad.