LAS VEGAS: Governor Jim Gibbons in 860 text messages divorce scandal

Oh my word. Oh my word. The adultery comes with the marriage the way a herniated disc comes with the car in a personal injury case!
Governor Gibbons of Nevada is in the midst of a tawdry divorce. His wife says he’s been getting it on with two women. These separate affairs have brought down the marriage in that her patience was tried to a breaking point. With one of the women, the man lost his mind and sent his paramour 860 text messages on a phone paid for by the tax payers. Eight Hundred and Sixty, folks!
That is so phocked up. Although, you know what? Some guys are trigger happy with the text messages. I gotta say. Watch the text messages girls. It’s a sign. One guy recently sent me ten text messages in, like, an hour, while I was sleeping! I was so freaked out by this, I knew immediately, he was not the one. I mean, who the hell does that? Who sends that many text messages? What is the rationale with sending a woman you are trying to woo 860 text messages? That would make me think that the man is functionally insane! It screams stalker. No, I’m serious. 
But so back to the Gibbonses. The governor allegedly literally moved out of the governor’s mansion and left his wife Dawn living in it, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Hysterical, no?  Some of these stories I read I have to say, as I am typing I am literally going to pieces…and apparently, I am not the only one who finds some of this stuff amusing. Says the First Lady:

Dawn Gibbons said in court documents that her husband’s explanation that he used the text messages to consult with Karrasch on matters related to state government “is false and is laughable.”

Whatever. Whatever. Whatever. It’s like, whatEVER.