RIYADH SAUDI ARABIA: Man divorces his wife by text pursuant to Sharia Law

According to Reuters, the World’s first divorce by text message is fait accomplis. It happened in Iraq. A man who describes himself as a “jihadist” apparently text his wife in Saudi Arabia and told her “I divorce you.”
Under Sharia Law, a man can divorce his Islamic wife if he says “I divorce you” three times. Can you even believe this? So he told her three times by text, then he told two relatives by phone (notice how solicitous he was with the relatives) and the Court in Jeddah granted the divorce. Just. Like. That.
See, that is why the guy on the Economist cursed me out the way he did because I don’t understand this sort of thing. And I say that with all due respect to other people’s cultural and religious persuasions. I speak only for myself on this issue. I am not trying to change or persuade anyone else.
I just think it is so degrading to women not having any real “rights” and it gives so much power to men in a marriage that I just think it is unfair that a man can just dump his wife like that. It’s degrading.
And then where the children are concerned, as far as custody, forget it. And that was the point I was trying to make on the Economist and this individual went ape. But it doesn’t seem right to me and it seems like something a woman needs to factor into her decision to not only marry, but also whether to have children with someone who subscribes to these religious and cultural beliefs and customs.
I mean, divorce by text message? And it is held up by the court? With all due respect would it have held up if the wife did that? I don’t know. Just for that reason alone, I am glad I live where I live. I feel really lucky.
Things that make you go hm. hm. hm.