VIENNA AUSTRIA: Mother fined for phoning son up to 49 times per day for 2 years

A 73 year old Austrian woman took her love for her son too far. She kept calling him and calling him. Not that there is anything ipso facto wrong with calling your own child. But here is the rub, she called up to 49 times per day for two years.
She explained to the judge that she just wanted to see her son and she wanted to see her grandchildren whom her children have kept away from her. She should call Ruth Madoff and Candy Spelling! In any event, the Austrian court fined grandma over $400 for her misbehavior.
See, grandma, this could have been avoided if you were more measured in your calling. Next time, grannie, please don’t call that much. It can drive your child batty in a New York minute. And batty people can do desperate things like sue their own 73 year old mother to intentional infliction of emotional distress.
Honestly 49 times per day is a lot. Don’t you work?