Handcuff hubby files for divorce in Fairfield Connecticut

Ahahahahaha. Hehehehehe…
This story cracked me up.¬† Sorry. I know it is no laughing matter. But by now, if you are one of the 5 people who read this blog, you know that I am not always able to hold my giggles. Look, it took me thirty years to stop laughing in church, alright? So what do you expect me to do with a story like this? Huh? You want maturity? You want seriousness? You want me to “act like a lawyer?” I can’t. I’m sorry.
So, according to newspaper reports, Robert Drawbaugh has filed for divorce from his wife Helen Sun because Helen handcuffed herself to him, bit him up and otherwise mutilated his torso with her teeth. Allegedly. And so now, Robert wants a divorce due to “irretrievable break down of the marriage.”
These folks were only married for seven years, and according to the Associated Press reports, Ms. Sun said she did it so that she could have a full conversation with her hubby.
On the one hand, desperate situations call for desperate measures and if he was prone to not communicating, and not listening, I am sure she got his attention. Finally.
But on the other hand, I’m sitting here thinking, I mean, I’m wondering, how did she get those handcuffs on him in the first place? I mean, before she snapped them shut on him, he must have seen that she had them, right? And he is bigger and stronger? So if he didn’t want them on him, how was she able to pull that off? I don’t get it. I mean, was he sleeping when she did it? I mean, how does a woman handcuff her husband against his will? How is that physically feasible? I don’t get it?
But Ms. Sun’s ingenuity cracks me up. That’s pretty creative. She’ll probably get some time in lock up for her troubles. But I bet Mr. Drawbaugh will never forget this and he will listen next time his wife or girlfriend wants to have a heart to heart.