Mel Gibson's wife Robyn Gibson files for divorce on Good Friday

Hme…where do I begin with this one? Well, let’s start with: how was your day? Hope great. Me? Rough day for me today. I basically spent the day in court and that’s always gruesome….you know, I much enjoy my blog more than anything else I can think of right now. It really is an outlet for me, I have so much fun writing some of this nonsense even though I realize how easy it is for mean people to use some of the things I say against me. Still, it’s how I unwind. I write about divorce issues and a lot of it makes me laugh because in the end, I realize that it is not life and death. It is not as serious as it feels to the people who are going through it. It, too, passes. And for many, it is just theatre. Really bad theatre sometimes. And even though my day was so rough, I laughed a lot today. Especially with a client whose husband wants an “order of protection” from her because he claims she “stalks his girlfriend.” I mean, can you make this stuff up? The husband wants an order of protection from the wife because he claims that the wife is stalking his (the husband’s) girlfriend. I kid you not. But she and I laughed quite a bit because now we have to think about how to defend this poor woman against this allegations. And, I should say, she hasn’t exactly been 100% above reproach, if you know what I mean. The funniest part of it all, for me, was probably the way she held her Bible as she spoke of her husband, and her love for him, in spite of his filing for an order of protection. And she said that God told her that she and her husband would reconcile. This should not have been funny because I am a Believer. But the Bible in court? While you are trying to defend an Order of protection that your husband filed against you? After telling your attorney some of the things you have actually done that might justify the filing by your husband? Riotous. It was a riot…
But. So. Now I come to my laptop after a really long day (you know I really need to consider changing my profession from Lawyer to Page Six columnist or something) and I learn that Mel Gibson’s wife is seeking a divorce. And that she filed on Good Friday. And I remember how on Good Friday I was going to do this post about how Good Friday has one of the lowest divorce filing rates in the U.S. and I was going to speculate about why exactly that was. But I changed my mind. I didn’t do it. And now I discover that Robyn Gibson filed on Good Friday from a man who literally has a chapel on his property. He is that much a devout Catholic. And his wife files for divorce from him on the holiest day of the Catholic Faith when Christ was nailed to the cross. And it is so full of irony I almost don’t know what to do or to think. I just sit here shaking my head.
DIVORCE. It’s like death, isn’t it? I said two seconds ago that it is not a matter of life and death. But it sort of is, isn’t it? It is life of a marriage remembered. And it is death of a marriage not soon to be forgotten.
I know Mel Gibson made some unfortunate remarks a few years back in one of his drunken rants. I never saw a need to crucify him for it, however. I think he made a mistake. He slipped. He said some things he should not have said. He probably has some issues that need to be worked on. But who am I to condemn the man for that failing? Who is any of us? Which of us does not have failings and issues? Who among us is above reproach?
But divorce on Good Friday must be pretty bleak, though, wouldn’t you say? I wonder why Robyn needed to sock it to him like that? Why Good Friday? Why that day, Robyn? Is it because he made the movie, Passion of Christ, or whatever it was? This is definitely a way of telling your husband an expletive, Robyn. On Good Friday?