Robyn Moore vs. Mel Gibson: how much $$$ are we looking at?

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore Gibson have seven children, all but one of those are grown ups. That means as far as custody goes and child support, there is only one child that needs to be provided for. Either Mel was very smart to hang in there till the other kids grew up or Robyn really loved her husband and tried to make the marriage work for the last 28 years. I am sure it wasn’t easy for either of them. I read that Mel has a penchant for booze and Russian ingenues, and Robyn is just not having it no mo.
But it does not appear that this will be an acrimonious split. They issued a joint report saying they want their privacy and Robyn in her divorce papers, seeks JOINT CUSTODY of their son who is ten years old. So that speaks volumes. I just hope that neither one of them is seeking pro se counsel. That is always a bad idea. Well, almost always.
As far as alimony and spousal support, Robyn wants her fair cut. What are we looking at in terms of assets? I hear they have about $900 million to split up. That is one hundred million away from a billion dollars. That man as nearly a billionaire! As far as grounds, it looks like the prototypical California filing: IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES.
But in the end, money can’t buy a happy heart or marriage, can it? All these billionaires and mega-millionaires are splitting up like it’s going out of style. Sad. Really, really sad. 
Oh well. I guess another one bites the dust. What can I say? At least they are not going to do what the Countess and the CEO did. They are going to be quiet about it. Well done, kids. Kudos.