NEW JERSEY: No seal for the Bruce Springstein divorce mess

Ann Kelly, Bruce Springstein’s reported paramour, failed in her bid today to keep her divorce from her husband Arthur Kelly sealed. The press was out in full force as the New Jersey Supreme court judge handed down the order.  I think she and her lawyer made a mistake by trying to seal this. It has just whetted people’s appetite for smut even more and now it is going to be a very popular case. They should have just quietly grit their teeth and acted like they didn’t care.
I read that Ann’s husband Arthur was out on a domestic violence order of protection. Well, actually, I am not sure if there is an order of protection but he was “ousted from the family home” in early March due to violence according to the Daily News.
Inneresting. If true, could this all be retaliation? That is, is he trying to destroy her reputation to get back at her? But I can’t imagine it is not true and he would make such an outrageous and outlandish allegation against a man who could sue him into the ground for defamation. It is telling that Mr. Stringstein has not threatened to sue for defamation. He just keeps insisting “these are ugly rumors” and “I love my wife.”
Uh huh. What does his love for his wife have to do with these allegations is what my skeptical, jaded mind is wondering? Mr. Kelly didn’t charge Mr. Springstein with not loving his (Mr. Springstein’s) wife. Mr. Kelly charged Mr. Springstein with loving his (Mr. Kelly’s) wife.
Did you, Mr. Springstein, give Mrs. Kelly the big tiger at the zoo (gym)? That is the question. Stick to the question and answer it with truth and veracity, Mr. Springstein. At any time heretofore alleged in the complaint of one Mr. Kelly of Manmouth New Jersey, did you, Mr. Springstein, give Mrs. Kelly the big tiger, or not? Hme?
By the way, is Bruce Springstein Italian American? Or is he Jewish? Or what?