Robyn Moore Gibson (Mel's wife) on when the California trophy wife gets dumped

Hello there! I am so happy to finally be sitting down at my laptop after a long day of duties and chores. Now, I am having my dinner which is basically a can of Del Monte Fruit Cocktail and some cashew nuts and I am racking my brain trying to think of what to write about….I’m starting to think my blog has come to its end and I will have to move on to more important and serious matters, alas. Cause, alas, I am running out of material, and I am getting into all this trouble and the horror of it all, I misspelled Bruce Springteen’s name and a very kind observant reader wrote in and basically told me if I can’t spell Springteen, don’t write about the Boss. And I am at my wits end because, who knew the can of worms I was opening up when I purported to write a blog about divorce. See what a recession will make an otherwise intelligent woman resort to?
So anyhow, I am having my fruit cocktail (it’s all I can afford, that and cat food, even though you can’t tell since I am thirty pounds over weight) and I am trying to think up a post.
Let’s see….oh, and I’ve decided to try to pull something out about Trophy wives and link it, however tangentially to Robin Moore–soon to be ex-wife of Mel Gibson….btw, did I spell everything right so far?….ok. So what about trophy wives and Robyn Moore Gibson?
Well, first of all, would anyone describe Robyn as a trophy wife? Let’s find out. I am going to Google her right now. Hang on a second….well, she’s very pixie-ish, if not a bit mousy in the pics I just saw….hold on….they got married in 1980 and they have seven kids. She looks fantastic for having seven kids….Plus, she looks “natural”. I don’t see any silicone jutting out of body parts….
But is she a “trophy wife” as that word is commonly understood nowadays? Hme…. I don’t think so. Well, put it this way: She wasn’t when she married him. She was a nurse and he was an unknown actor living in Sidney Australia (did you know that he was really born in New York though?) and they fell in love like normal folks and got married. The whole Mad Max/Braveheart/The Passion of Christ thing was much, much later.
Theirs is expected to be the most “expensive divorce in Hollywood.” Listen to what Wikipedia says their assets are. Well, actually, their real estate. We don’t know what else they have but we know the real estate and that they are worth about $900 million…..


Gibson has an avid interest in real estate investments, with multiple properties in Malibu, California, several locations in Costa Rica, a private island in Fiji and properties in Australia.[46][47] In December 2004, Gibson sold his 300-acre (1.2 km2) Australian ranch in the Kiewa Valley for $6 million.[48] Also in December 2004, Gibson purchased Mago Island in Fiji from Tokyu Corporationof Japan for $15 million. Descendants of the original native inhabitants of Mago (who were displaced in the 1860s) have protested the purchase. Gibson stated it was his intention to retain the pristine environment of the undeveloped island.[49] In early 2005, he sold his 45,000-acre (180 km2) Montana ranch to a neighbor for an undisclosed multimillion dollar sum.[50] In April 2007 he purchased a 400-acre (1.6 km2) ranch in Costa Rica for $26 million, and in July 2007 he sold his 76-acre (310,000 m2) Tudor estate in Connecticut (which he purchased in 1994 for $9 million) for $40 million to an unnamed buyer.[51] Also that month, he sold a Malibu property for $30 million that he had purchased for $24 million two years before.[52] In 2008, he purchased the Malibu home of David Duchovny and Téa Leoni .[53]

So, trophy wife that, darling. Notwithstanding that Robyn Moore Gibson may have been a mousy nurse turned mousy wife of a movie star who birthed seven kids, and notwithstanding the fact that she will probably never fit the cliche of the “trophy wife” she is coming out of this thing with TROPHIES darling. Big time. Marie Douglas David (the countess) can only wish she had the sense to marry a man with this much dough. Robyn is going to clean up. Big time. And it looks like she’s dumping him–not the other way around.
But, according to their publicists, this is going to be done tastefully and quietly. There will be no media circus….btw, they live in California, right?