Mel Gibson and Britney Spears? Oksana Pochepa? Oksana Kolesnikova? Who cares? In LA it's irreconcilable differences!

The Weeklies are hinting that the reason Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn are getting divorced started with his “anti-Semitic” rant a few years back and ended with him inviting Britney Spears out to his pad in Costa Rica (to the alleged embarrassment of his wife) and smooching a 24 year old named Oksana.
Who cares?
In California, adultery does not matter. In the sense that, you don’t need to prove anything like you do in New York. You can divorce for any reason. And it is a community property state so that means they pretty much split things down the middle–as contrasted to New York which is an equitable distribution state which is not necessarily 50/50.
But everybody’s making this big to do about the fact that he’s been dating. The fact is he and Robyn were not living together according to reputable reports. They have been unofficially separated and living separate lives. So it is to be expected he would date, I would say?
Now, is he seriously dating Britney? That is clearly ludicrous. But even if he was, so what?