Tori Spelling's Mommywood and Candy Spelling's Candyland: Is mother competing with daughter? And what about the grandkids?

Tori Spelling hints that her mother Candy Spelling was a bit of a mommy dearest and Candy pretty much denies that she has any idea what Tori’s problem is–while at the same time she rhapsodizes about her son Randy Spelling. Poor Aaron Spelling must be turning over in his grave…
It is an open secret in Hollywood that Tori and her mother don’t get along and don’t seem to like each other very much. And now Tori is not letting Candy see the grandkids. And they are competing like crazy by writing all these best-selling books.
First of all, Tori should try to keep the grandkids out of it, unless her mother is so insensitive that she emotionally damages the grandkids with her words and deeds, or she lambastes Tori in front of them and undermines Tori’s authority with her own children. In such a case, I know that Candy would probably not get visitation in New York–even though she would have standing to bring a visitation petition. Not sure about the California law on this.
Although, listening to Candy, she seems to love those kids and even though she hasn’t met Tori’s daughter Stella, she has a playroom for both Stella and Tori’s firstborn son, Liam in her $47 million condo which Tori describes as “ghostly.” I mean, yes, I know it takes more than building a $47 million play room to prove you love the grandkids. But it was a thoughtful gesture for what it is worth, wouldn’t you concur? Poor Candy. Poor little rich grandma. All alone in her ivory towers with a daughter who can’t stand her.
Parenting  Mothering is a very tough job. But some mothers need to remember that one day their kids grow up and act accordingly. That is my grand conclusion.
But. So. I think those two–Tori and Candy–are competing and I think the problem is the mother. The mother usually sets the tone with this sort of thing and if Tori is competing now, it is only because of the tone set by her mother over the years. Tori obviously resents Candy, big time. She doesn’t even consider Candy and Tori’s brother Randy as her “family.” In her book Mommywood which is out in hardcover and doing quite well on the best seller’s list, she says that since her father died, her link to that family is gone. She doesn’t consider herself a part of the Candy/Randy family. Very sad.
I guess Tori should really think about designating a guardian for those kids if anything were to happen to her and the children’s dad, Dean. Because I sense Candy will move for custody (I bring that up because Tori discussed the issue in Mommywood) and all the gay friends Tori thinks will get custody of those grandkids will have another thing coming when Candy Spelling gets through with them.
Too bad those two can’t get along though. It’s so unattractive when a mother competes with her daughter like that. It’s so pathetic. And in Candy’s case, it is so obvious.