Actress Kate Walsh divorce: Should women have to pay alimony after a divorce?

Palimony, Galimony…MANIMONY??? No. No. No.
Why do women feel angry when they are asked to pay their husbands alimony after a divorce? Our gender expects to get alimony from the husband, but god forbid we are asked to pay it instead, hell hath no fury…
I did a post back in November or December last year about this because I see this reaction a lot. Women can’t wrap their heads around this one for nothing. And look, I get it. I feel the same way. It would go against my grain to pay alimony. It would mean that I was more successful financially than my husband and I don’t want to be more financially successful than any man I marry. That is number one. Number two, to me, a real man would feel about this issue the way I think a guy like Donald Trump would feel. He would feel emasculated to accept this or even ask for this from his wife. I mean, honestly. The Donald would feel like a pansy and I wouldn’t be totally bewildered by that….
Having said that (and yes, I know it is sexist but so is the fact that a man can jog shirtless on the Brooklyn Bridge as many of them were doing today as I walked across the bridge, and nobody thinks anything about it, but that if a woman were to try a stunt like that, somebody would probably call the cops, okay?) I understand there are laws. And I understand there was this thing called Women’s Lib. And I understand we want equality and fought for that. And I understand that if the woman is the main bread winner in the marriage, then it is “fair” that she pays if they get divorced.
But. That is what I was alluding to with that post I did last month about being “evenly yoked.” If you are evenly yoked, then from the get go, this is not a problem because the man makes more money. (Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that. Sorry, I slipped. I should have coated my tongue with hairs!!!) Ok. Let’s move away from my personal thoughts. It was a bad idea from the get go for me to try to do this blog by sharing personal thoughts and anecdotes. Only gets me in trouble….
Right. Well, actress Kate Walsh (The Practice) is in the throes of a divorce battle with her husband Alex Young. They were only married about 15 months and it looks like homeboy expects alimony from his wife. Uh hm.
The good thing is the Walsh/Young marriage was so short lived, so it’s not like Kate’s going to have to give him what Madonna had to give Guy (Not that Walsh even has it to give; I mean, what does she make on the TV sitcom she’s on? Can’t be all that much.) But still. 15 months is 15 months and she’s probably going to have to pay something if she made more money than he did–and it looks like she did, oh la la.
You know what? I think women should only marry men who make more than they do. Especially if they don’t want this problem of having to pay alimony. This is vulgar and insulting to the sensibilities of a lot of women. What ever happened to your man taking care of you, of your husband TAKING CARE OF YOU! And don’t even think signing a prenup will save you. Cause it won’t. They are going to challenge that in court and they will likely win on a technicality, today’s men. They are a tough species. Not like my father’ s generation, I tell ya. So forget the prenup. If you must marry and you are wired to think a woman shouldn’t pay alimony, under no circumstances do you marry a man who makes less than you, or who is the unambitious type who is content to sit home on his laurels at home and call himself a house-husband, and force you to be the breadwinner in the family, and buy the car which he drives around as he cheats on you with your best friend, and then divorces you and expects you to pay him to “live at the standard he enjoyed when he was married to you.” Are you out of your mind?
And don’t give me this crap that the genders are equal as an justification for this woman-paying-alimony-thingy. Cause like I said, if we were so equal women would be able to jog in peace topless on the Brooklyn Bridge just like a man–and we can’t. SO THE SEXES ARE NOT EQUAL. They are not equal at all.
So don’t make husbands and wives equal when it is convenient so that men will sue for alimony. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? There should be no such thing as palimony or galimony. That is the final insult to women. And it emasculates men and further confuses relations between the sexes. Stop it. No alimony for men from their wives. Stop. It.
So there you have it. And I don’t care what you think about this thought I expressed. That’s the kind of mood I am in right now and this is how I feel and I just laid it out for you in black and white and do with it what you may cause it’s truly how I feel and I am not gonna apologize.
(This was written by a guest, not by me. So don’t bother sending insulting emails cause I’m not gonna publish them.) Amen, and good night.