RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Do Russians handle divorce better than Americans?

A lot of Americans live as expats in many countries around the world, including in Russia. So I have been looking at a few websites by Russian attorneys who handle expat divorces and I found this one which is pretty comprehensive and run by a young Russian attorney by the name of? Can’t remember.
The marvelous thing about divorce in Russia, is how similar it is to divorce here in New York. Just like we have the Domestic Relations Laws and the Family Court Act, the Russians are governed by The Family Code of the Russian Federation. I guess we homosapiens just have the same concerns no matter where you go. Child Support. Spousal Support. Property Division. Prenups. Those sorts of things.
I got to wondering whether the Russians are any better at marriage than Americans. And barring that, whether they are any better at divorce? I couldn’t really tell from the websites I visited but I can say that it seems getting a divorce in Russia is a LOT easier than getting a divorce in New York because for one thing, there is no requirement that the parties prove “grounds.” It is pretty much an “irreconcilable differences” scheme. It also seems the Russians follow a mostly “community property” model like California, allowing spouses to split assets down the middle as opposed to doing the “equitable distribution” thing we do here in New York. And according to the website I cited above, it costs only about $8 in court fees. Can you imagine that?
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