BRITAIN: Have Londoners gone divorce mad?

A couple of years back, Times of India declared London the “Divorce Capital of the World.” And researchers cited infidelity as the main reason for Londoners throwing in the towel on their marriages. Londoners also seem to have a penchant for secretly surveying their spouses. The article I read discussed the fact that “Tamara Mellon, founder of the Jimmy Choo shoe empire, was spied on by private investigators hired by her husband, Matthew, during an acrimonious divorce….” and she is not the only one. It seems that many other spouses were tagged and trailed by private investigators by suspicious spouses who wanted to get the low down of what was really going on when hubby/wifey went out to walk the dog in Mayfair.
More recently, there were all these reports about affluent Londoners dumping their spouses because of the bad economy and some, like Brian Myerson were trying to wiggle out of having to pay alimony and spousal support. All in all, though, it appears that Londoners and expats getting divorced in London, have really reached a crescendo with respect to divorce filings. The problem is becoming so acute that back in November last year The Centre for Social Justice in London “called on Parliament to legislate to stop London being the divorce capital of the world, after a string of celebrities and wealthy individuals have headed to court in the capital for rulings.”
The funny part of this is that I don’t think London has as high a divorce rate as New York, or a place like Sweden, or even hot Dubai which is described by one expat British attorney Carol Anderson as a “marriage-wrecking metropolis.”  So it is all relative. But the numbers are definitely climbing at an “alarming” rate.
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