UNITED ARAB EMIRITES: Is divorce inevitable for American expats living in Dubai?

I have always been intrigued with the idea of living in a place like Dubai. From what I hear, it is a very good place of matrimonial attorneys to move to, as it has a reputation for being one of the greatest “marriage wrecking metropolises in the world.”
A lot of Americans are expats in Dubai. Well, Dubai is an expat community, period. Most people who are there are not native Dubaians. They are transplants from countries like India, America, Britain and Australia who go to Dubai to work. I found this article on line that really put a spin on this issue of divorce in the hot city: http://archive.gulfnews.com/articles/06/01/16/10012029.html and it almost seems to me that the article is implying that divorce is all but inevitable in Dubai. First of all, most of the wives are stay at home spouses while the husbands spend an inordinate amount of time working. And it seems that is the environment that is most destructive of the marriages since most affairs are started with co-workers who the husbands end up spending much more time with than their wives.  On the other hand, the wives may end up cheating, not because they are promiscuous (the article sort of implied that) but maybe they are just bored witless with their husbands gone all day. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/why-men-cant-handle-the-cheating-house-wives-and-their-extra-marital-affairs
But that is true anywhere, isn’t it? Same old story. Husbands and wives must carve out a lot of quality time with each other–whether they live in Dubai, New York or Mumbai. Family has to come first. If a man is “married to his job” he is going to lose his wife one way or another.
But another issue is just the mere relocating thingy for work purposes. Based on what I am reading, if you are married and your spouse was offered a job in Dubai, think it over carefully before agreeing to move your marriage over there. Assess the strength of your union. How will this whole thing be orchestrated? What are the logistic? Sure it is probably more money than he or she is making in the home country. But what is the trade off? That is not to say that your marriage will last just because you stay put. Look at the divorce rate right here in New York.
But if moving to a place like Dubai iso money and career glory is all but assured to wreck your already fragile union (and you want to hang on to your marriage!) maybe you should say no to the relocation? Oh, and based on what I hear, under no circumstances do you let your spouse move to Dubai for work purposes alone while you stay in the home country with the kids. There is no “long distance” relationship once your spouse goes off to Dubai. From what I have heard, that is the last you will see of that relationship if you did that.
DUBAI. Nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to be married there…
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