UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Expat woman in Dubai jailed for cheating; should she lose custody?

Just found this story that unfolded in Dubai last month and concluded with deportation of a British expat Mamie Pearce who was living in Dubai with her Egyptian husband, Ihab El-Labban, after the wife was accused of adultery by the husband.
The Muslim religion to which she converted after meeting her husband (they married in Seychelles) and the Muslim culture that proliferates in Dubai basically criminalizes adultery by women–not by men. And once a woman is accused of adultery, she loses custody of her children.
Mamie received three months in prison and served her time. Now, she lost custody of her two boys and has the right to see them when they turn 18 and have the right to seek her out. She, in the meantime, has been deported.
Is that crazy or what? I mean, it could happen in New York, technically http://www.divorcesaloon.com/adultery-is-a-crime-in-new-york-penal-law-25517 because adultery is a crime in New York but it is not gender specific and even if the law is on the books it is not enforced.
What I want to know is why do these women insist on getting themselves into this soup? I can understand if a woman is born into this culture and that is all she knows and that is what she thinks is “normal.” But when foreign women get themselves enmeshed in these “love affairs” with men who are members of this very paternalistic culture/religious persuasion what is it that they are thinking about? What do they expect? Why would you willingly have sex with anybody who could even remotely possibly get you pregnant knowing that when push comes to shove, some time down the road, you could lose ALL your rights to your child just because you are the mother? WHY DO YOU HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH MEN LIKE THIS? WHY DO YOU MARRY MEN LIKE THIS? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE WOMEN? WHAT, THEY ARE IN LOVE? GIVE ME A BLEEPING BREAK, GIRLS. GET OVER THIS BULLS&*^!
I certainly respect the right of any human being to freely practice their religion. And their cultural beliefs. No, I really do. And if you go to someone’s country and they have their customs and beliefs, I feel that should be respected. But I am not going to have kids with someone of certain religious and cultural beliefs. I’m not crazy. I am not going to engage in any activity with this individual where body fluids could result in a child being created. I AM SORRY but I am not going to do it. And I just think that when Western women make the conscious choice to get intimately involved with men who share these bizarre religious and cultural beliefs, then they need to wear what they buy. If that is insensitive, again, I am sorry. But I am over these women going into these relationships with their eyes wide open and then crying foul later when the shizo hits the fan. What, they didn’t think the shizo would hit the fan? Darlings, the shizo will ALWAYS hit the fan. DO. NOT.HAVE.SEXUAL. RELATIONS.WITH.THESE.MEN. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=extremist
Keep your shizo to yourself and let him keep his shizo to himself and never shall those two shizos meet cause if they do you could get pregnant and if you ever break up, he’s gonna take your kid UNDER COLOR OF LAW. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=sharia What part of this FRENCH are you having trouble processing and comprehending, Mamie? Get over it already! Keep your shizo to yourselvo!
Jesus Mary and Joseph! Stop the behavior before you lose your kids!