ENGLAND: Heather Mills on why her marriage to Sir Paul was the worse mistake her life

The ex Mrs. McCartney is rumored to be miffed about her divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney (aka her knight in unshining armour).
I read here http://entertainment.oneindia.in/music/international/2009/heather-mills-complain-divorce-210409.html that she complained that she only got 5% of their networth earned during the seven year marriage as a settlement.  And she claims she “worked her butt” off doing concert tour promotions and everything. She got about $35 million in settlement.
5% after 7 years….hme…first of all, for some reason, I thought England had more of a community property scheme…wait a second. Let me look at something…. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/the-globetrotters-guide-to-divorce Yes, I remember this post and I did do a bit of research and I think the scheme in London is more community property-esque–maybe even more inclusive than California in some respects.
If that is the case, how come Heather only got 5% after 7 years? Especially if she did all that concert tour promotions on his behalf? That’s hard work! I mean, she got about $35 million. And that’s good money, don’t get me wrong. But, just from a legal perspective, I wonder why they cheap-skated her like that? Bet you she feels that that marriage was the worse mistake of her life!
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