Paris Hilton reportedly mulls over marriage proposal; is this a smart strategy to classify the engagement ring as a "pre-marital gift"?

My girl, Paris Hilton, has been quietly dating Hills star Doug Reinhardt. At least, I read that today on this website: Never heard of them. Are they credible? In any event, Doug allegedly got down on bended knee at the Ivy last night in front of Paris’ parents and asked her to marry him. Her response? “I’ll have to think about it.” Gotta luv it. Poor Doug probably didn’t expect that reaction at all. I wonder what is going through Ms. Hilton’s head that made her do that? Is she unsure of his devotion? Is she unsure of her devotion? Does marriage scare her? Does divorce scare her? Or is it the ring? I am thinking that something was up with the ring. Either the diamond wasn’t as impressive as when she got engaged to Paris Latsis (in terms of carats); or she didn’t like his boring presentation; or she really wants to marry him but she doesn’t want the ring classified as an “engagement ring” which might make it marital property when they divorce in a few years–if they divorce. (I mean, this is Paris we’re talking about and, well, she’s had an awful lot of boyfriends for her age. I mean, one may not have anything to do with the other. But it is entirely possible that one who has had a lot of boyfriends would likewise have a lot of husbands? I don’t know. I’m just saying….) 
But. Yea. Something is up with that ring. I think she is holding him off to complete her pre-marital divorce calculus. Once she comes down to a figure (he will have to agree to this being the payout in the case of a divorce cause obviously, she’ll be paying maninomy here, he does not have the networth that she does), and she’ll know how to classify the ring (friendship, outright gift, definitely not “conditional gift” however) so as to prevent it being included in the “marital estate” at the time of a divorce.
Although, you know what? Her parents Rick and Kathy Hilton have been married forever and a day. In that regard they have set a very good example. So who knows? Maybe she is mulling it over so that she can be sure it is what she wants to do. Cause maybe she’s ready to settle down in a long term marriage, a forever marriage, like her mom and dad.
But really, the issue is not her intent, it’s his intent. And that is what I think she is trying to figure out. That, and whether or not she likes the ring and how it should be classified, just in case.
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