NJ Governor Jim McGreevey lied during his divorce depositions; now he has to pay his ex-wife $50K post-judgment

I am not exactly stunned to hear that, in fact, former NJ govornor Jim McGreevey had not been totally honest during his divorce testimony a couple of years ago when he divorced his second wife Dina Matos following the eruption of the scandalous revelation that he was a “gay American” and had had a scandalous gay affair on the people’s watch (and given a state job to his gay lover) even though he had married women twice and had a couple of kids, and was married at the time to his second wife, Dina.
Turns out he had about $135,000 in pensions funds lying around and just conveniently forgot it was there. So now his wife got her lawyers on his tail and they brought a post-judgment motion to recoup 50% of the fund balance. Mr. McGreevey tried to claim it was a pre-marriage fund and was therefore separate property that should go, if to anyone at all, his first wife. But the judge was not buying it. She ordered him to pony up the money to his second wife Dina Matos.
I remember that trial a few years back cause it was so tawdry. (Politicians usually have more sense that to get themselves into this mess: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=politician) And I remember how he went into court claiming he was so poor. And that he was totally financially dependent on his gay lover whom he was shacking up with in an affluent part of town. He looked so piteous that I wondered if he was putting on. And he was. He was totally putting on. I wonder if he has more money stashed anywhere else? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit….so, did he perjure himself, or what?  http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2009/04/135k_fund_belonging_to_former.html