Update: If Andrew Madoff gets dragged into the ponzi, what should Debbie do about her equitable distribution?

Say, whatever happened to the Madoffs? They used to be the mainstay of my blog for like the first 3 months of my blog’s 4 month life and all of a sudden, it’s like, Bernie got thrown in the slammer and I forgot all about the Madoffs.
But I did hear that Ruth went to visit him the other day, and that she is still fighting hard to keep several million dollars in assets.
What about Andrew and Debbie? Well, quiet. Deb is so quiet, I love it. All the scandal broke and she just stayed out of sight and kept out of the fray. And it looks like her husband and Bernie’s son Andrew did too. That takes skill! But I was thinking about her situation and the divorce and everything and I wonder if there is still a chance he could get dragged into the whole mess after all? And if so, what should Debbie do about the equitable distribution situation?
I guess she will have to follow her soon to be ex-mother in law on this one. Claim that the money came from her father. If not, then it will be a part of the fruit of the poisonous tree thingy and it will get seized, even if they charge Andrew years from now, and they will confiscate Deborah’s “equitable distribution” as quickly as you can bat a summer fly.
Another thing she can do is just tell him to keep his money and vow to make her own and struggle if she has to on her own and make her own “clean” money.  What are the chances she would do that?
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