When your Victorias Secret teddies stop working, it's time to call in the divorce lawyer, right?

On the issue of sex, I have always been, and probably always will be, 12 years old. That is probably why I stupidly thought that every problem in a marriage can be fixed with a Victoria’s Secret bra. In fact, it is still an issue that I wrestle with. “What do you mean he is bored with lingerie?” I would ask my married friends, truly perplexed. “How does a man ever get bored of lingerie?” And my one friend whom I shall call “K” would say to me, “J, please grow up? Please, please, please put the 12 year old to bed. Please get a clue. Men don’t care anything about your ridiculous Victorias Secret!First of all, they just want it off. And second of all, I’ve been married five years. He’s seen it all, done it all. He’s bored already. He wants something new and exciting. And Victorias Secret ain’t hacking it!”
Jesus Mary and Joseph.
What am I supposed to say about that? What the hell do I know about long term marriages and relationships that I would be able to grasp this concept of this deep boredom that seems to exist in the average marital chamber? I am just a divorce lawyer, already.
Would marriage counseling help? Or no? I just can’t understand how a marriage can get to the point that a husband is so immune to Victorias Secret  lingerie that all the wife can do is file for divorce.
But you know what? If it comes down to that? If it’s that bad? Then yea. I think you may need to consult with an attorney. Cause that is straight up ridiculous. And…and…and inappropriate. And INSULTING!
Updated April 25, 2009 ( I just realize the unedited version of this post was on the board. Sorry. I had edited really well and it didn’t update and I don’t remember what I even said so now you have an abridged, though edited version here.Oh well.)