SPAIN: Free divorce pd for by real estate agent if you buy a house

Do you need more proof that the global economic slump has impacted even the divorce industry? Take a read at this article about what Spaniards are  offering couples to get divorced They are offering free divorce lawyers in exchange for home purchases.
I am sure you’ve heard that a lot of people around the world, not just here in New York, can’t afford to get divorced because they can’t sell their homes in this economic slump. So many continue to cohabit, and eschew the divorce even though they are miserable, since, if they divorce, they can’t sell their homes, or if they do, it will be a deep discount which means they won’t have money to move on with the rest of their lives.
But crafty estate agents in Spain are offering a free lawyer, but you just have to purchase a home from them. The good news is they are offering up to 40% discounts on these things.
(I should credit International Divorce Attorney Marilyn Stowe for this heads up. I just read about this story on her blog and thought it was so interesting, that I brought it over the pond for you.)
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