LOS ANGELES: Danny Pang did not divorce his wife Janie Louise Pang. She was accidentally murdered by a smartly dressed businessman

Danny Pang is under investigation for running a ponzi scheme but he did not divorce his beautiful wife, Janie Louise Pang. She was in fact murdered accidentally by a smartly dressed businessman with a briefcase a few years back who came to her front door, chased her through her elegant home, and shot her dead while she “cowered in a closet.” Immediately preceding this accident, she had called police to complain about domestic violence and abuse by her hubby. But she was mistaken, obviously. He would never do that. And there are some annexed accusations about prostitutes, kickbacks, bribes and con men. But non of that is relevant to a divorce because there was no divorce and her husband, Danny was out of town at the time so he had nothing to do with any of it.
Janie, a former stripper, had been spying on her husband with the use of a private investigator when she accidentally got murdered in her closet by the smartly dressed businessman with the briefcase–who had allegedly seen the husband holding another woman’s hand. But how credible is that?

LOS ANGELES — At a charity gala in Los Angeles, a young private-equity executive named Danny Pang showed he had made it to the big time. Mr. Pang paid $100,000 to help stage the breast-cancer fund-raiser 18 months ago. Media mogul Sumner Redstone was one of his co-sponsors. Mr. Pang had his picture taken with actress Felicity Huffman of “Desperate Housewives.”
Mr. Pang’s résumé depicts a glittering success story: a Taiwanese immigrant who earned an M.B.A., worked on Wall Street and now heads a $4 billion investment fund. He also became a partner in another fund firm with business luminaries …

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