Do all roads lead to Manhattan for suburban divorced men?

Jessica Bram argues in Happily Ever After Divorce that all suburban men leave suburbia for Manhattan when they get divorced, leaving newly single suburban divorcees without dating prospects. I thought that was slightly unfair for them to do that to their women, myself; but I can’t say I don’t understand the allure of NYC. Look at the day we  had today? It was so beautiful even I got out and went for a picnic in Central Park with some friends. We sat near the lake and watched “in love” couples paddlying by in their rented boats. So this post is really an excuse to show off some of my pics under the guise of discussing a “divorce” issue….oh, can’t upload pics. Sorry. Maybe there are too many megabytes but won’t upload…oops….
Ok. Well, let’s see what I can say about this “all divorced men move to Manhattan” issue….Well, former UTC CEO George David didn’t move to Manhattan. He’s still living out there in Avon Connecticut–the same state as Bram. It is his wife Marie Douglas David who wanted to stay in Manhattan and who reportedly found Avon “provincial.” Plus, Mr. David is rumored to be seeing a woman by the name of Wendy who lives even farther North in suburbia, in Rhode Island or New Hampshire.  So I guess it really depends on the man. Not all suburban men want to move to Manhattan after they get divorced.
But make no mistake about it. NYC is the place to be–for anyone at all. Especially on days like today. For the recently divorced man on the prowl, it is definitely Candyland. I mean Hartford is great (no offense Connecticut), but it really just is unfair to compare it to New York in this context. Wouldn’t you concur?