Kate Walsh and Fox exec Alex Young Divorce: Now they are fighting over the mansion

If what they say here http://www.popeater.com/television/article/kate-walsh-divorce-heats-up-over-mansion/447289 is correct, then what are Kate and Alex fighting over. She bought the house a month before she married him and she paid the bulk of the downpayment and for the furnishings. What does that boil down to? SEPARATE PROPERTY! This is not a marital asset. It was purchased prior to the marriage. End of discussion.
At best, he can get his portion of the downpayment back. But they haven’t amassed any equity in the house (the market’s TANKED, Alex). So what is Alex Young’s beef? There is no marital meat here. Nada. Call it a day, Alex. This divorce is pretty much a done deal. And after barely a year of marriage, I am not sure why this divorce is getting “uglier and uglier.” Let go, both of you. Move on….and grow up!