Mel Gibson divorce update: Is he better off settling with his wife out of court?

I personally feel that Mel Gibsons should just settle out of court with his wife.  I mean, what is there to fight about? He is a resident of California and California is an community property state. Unless they had a prenup which she is trying to set aside, that means that those assets are getting split down the middle. That is the law. Community property states allocate the assets in a marriage pretty much 50/50 in a divorce. The Gibsons were married 28 years and when they got married, he pretty much didn’t have a dime yet. So all that money is community property pretty much.
What is there to fight about? They can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys so that they can pay for the attorney’s kids’ college tuition and that of their kids’ progeny too. But at the end of the day, the law is the law and Mrs. Gibson is getting roughly 50% of what is left of the assets. If they talk out of court, she may agree to take a bit less I am sure (given the RECESSION) and they can move on with their lives with dignity.
So, if the end result is not going to change even if they fight like cats and dogs, why not just settle the case and spare themselves the circus of a public trial where all their personal business will be aired like dirty laundry? How tawdry and ridiculous and unnecessary. What bad judgment. The only thing they have to iron out is custody of that underage son and as far as I’m concerned, they should just agree to jointly parent their child and call it a day.
What is the problem?