Who is to blame for the rise in divorce cases across the globe? Men? Courts? Salma Hayek? Attorneys?

Salma Hayek?
What could be more glamorous than an April post-nuptial masked ball in Venice to celebrate a Valentine’s Day wedding between a Movie Star Actress and her Parisian billionaire husband? That is what Paris-based Salma Hayek and her new hubby did this weekend while I was watching lovers float by in their boats on the lake in Central Park.
I love it. I just love over the top things like that. I personally think if people put more imagination into their marriages, far fewer marriages will end in divorce. And I love the way that folks blame everybody for their failure to hold their marriages together. They point fingers. They blame each other, the kids, the in laws, the lawyers, blah, blah, blah. But is the problem really them? And their failure to live their marriages to the hilt?
Of course, not everybody can have a masked ball in Venice. And realistically, how many of these will Salma and Henri have? But the idea is, one has to keep their marriage on edge. Keep mixing things up. Be inventive.  Sure, you are broke. Who isn’t? But on a smaller scale, I think if people put more imagination into their unions, there will be no one to blame because each day of matrimony will be an adventure and the last thing they will want to do is get a divorce. What do you think?