Arrest warrant issued for attorney Hugh "Randy" McDonald in the Janie Pang divorce/murder saga

He’s been on the lam for a number of years, but now that Danny Pang has been charged with fraud, Janie Pang’s murder is once again front and center in the minds of the LAPD. Pang had been investigating her husband at the time, and probably was thinking about divorcing him (private investigator allegedly had pics of him holding the hands of another female). But before she could start an divorce proceeding she was gunned down in her home and the prime suspect has always been Mr. McDonald who had “done legal work for Mr. Pang’s company.”
Unclear what motive Mr. McDonald would have to gun down the former stripper and wife of a client, and why he would try to “fake his own death” and leave his own wife and three kids without a husband and father all these years he’s been on the lam.
But this is the story coming out of the Los Angeles Times I mean, I am sure he wasn’t crazy enough to be having an affair with this man’s wife. But what did the police have on this attorney to charge him with her murder to begin with? This is a made for TV drama, I tell ya.