Danny Pang escaped divorce, but now has he escaped the FEDs?

The talented Mr. Pang
Just read on this blog http://www.businessinsider.com/henry-blodget-danny-pang-flees-to-china-as-sec-fraud-charges-hit-2009-4 that the SEC’s latest fraudster, Danny Pang, was last seen in China where he went for a “religious pilgrimage” two weeks ago. Nobody’s seen him since.
Gives new scope to the whole “religious experience” phrase, doesn’t it. Wonder what he is praying about?
Maybe he didn’t believe in divorce so his wife’s untimely and accidental death (by the murderous hands of someone still MIA) was at least fortunate in that he didn’t have to revile himself religiously by getting divorced. (For many people, divorce is still a big sin.)
But I wonder if he will return to the US after his prayer sessions to face fraud charges? Say what you want about Bernard Madoff. I have always admired the way he stood up from the start and he said, “this is a ponzi scheme. This is what I did. I am guilty.” He didn’t run and hide. He didn’t run to a country with no extradition treaty (he easily could have). He didn’t point fingers at anybody (he said, “I did this alone. Leave my wife, sons and brother alone.”) He didn’t kill himself by walking into trains and slitting his wrists and all this nonsense. He didn’t jump out of planes and try to fake his death.
He faced it like a man. He said, “I did this. I knew this day would come.” And what does he do now? He sits in jail bearing every minute of it. Facing the music for his crimes. And his hair was never ruffled and out of place. His shirts always clean and freshly pressed, and buttoned down. Bernard Madoff was a classy criminal. And he was a MAN. He could have ran like a coward but he didn’t. And he never divorced his wife after 50 years. And now everybody would want society to believe he pilfered all these old ladies and family members. But the facts don’t support this. He mostly pilfered really really rich people who wanted to get richer by any means, even those they knew or ought to have known, something was not kosher. That is why a lot of them have to return a lot of those profits.
But whatever. He’s a criminal still and he has to pay for his crimes, he knows that. I am just saying that he wasn’t a coward on top of it. And he never hurt his wife. He stayed married to her for 50 years. I admire this. I hope guys like Danny Pang will learn from the real ponzi maestro and turn themselves in (if they are guilty). That is what I think a real man should do under these circumstances and Danny Pang is obviously a real man. I am a great admirer of manly men, real men. Cowardly individuals of the male species are a serious turn off.
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