Did former Net Jayson Williams attempt suicide because of the divorce filing?

I don’ t remember where I read this, but I read it last night that former basketball star Jayson Williams had to be shot by the police with a taser gun in a Manhattan hotel room because he was acting crazy and had all these pills and alcohol and appeared to be suicidal….wait. I hope to god I didn’t dream that. I am pretty sure I read it last night but I can’t figure out where…. You recall we did a few posts on Jayson which you can search in our archives and the one I remember is where his wife said he “peed in the sink.” And I don’t know if it is true, obviously, but when I envisioned any husband of mine pulling out his phallus and peeing in the sink where, hypothetically, I made dinner for our kids? I felt very sick and unwell. And I think I said that in the posts.
But now, I feel bad. He is obviously in a lot of pain if he is doing things like that. People don’t do things like that unless something is very wrong. And if he was trying to end his life because of this divorce and other legal problems, it breaks my heart really. He is clearly in anguish and as a human being, I just feel very sad for him and I hope his friends rally around him and reassure him that life goes on, and that this phase will pass. I mean, he has to take responsibility for his role in what has happened in his life, and make amends and change, and try to do better.
But he has to first get past this very tough spot. And I hope he does. He is young, very talented and very handsome and what a waste if he just killed himself. It may be too late to save his marriage. But there is life after divorce. He needs to read Jess Bram’s Happily Ever After Divorce, maybe.
But kill yourself? No, Jayson. If Bernie Madoff didn’t kill himself, I don’t think anybody has any excuse to do it. LIVE JAYSON! IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY IN THE END. IT IS GOING TO WORK OUT. I AM SORRY ABOUT WHAT I SAID IN THE EARLIER. IT WAS WRONG WHAT YOU DID WITH THE PHALLUS BUT I SHOULD HAVE JUST PRETENDED I DIDN’T EVEN HEAR IT. And of course, you must never do something so gross and depraved again. But.