FBI charges Pang with fraud: Was Janie Pang planning to divorce husband Danny Pang b4 murder?

The Taiwanese  Madoff may have been heading for divorce
Now that he has officially been charged with fraud, will 33 year old Taiwanese equity guru Danny Pang’s deceased wife’s murder come back to haunt him? Danny’s just been charged by the SEC and, I think, FBI for fraud and for running a ponzi scheme. He has stepped down as chairman and CEO of PEMGroup pending the outcome of the investigations-both internal and external. 
Janie Pang may have been planning to file for divorce from her private equity hubby just prior to her murder in her own home by a debonair James Bondesque businessman toting a briefcase and gun in her “upscale Villa Park” home. The “former stripper” had a private investigator tailing her mysterious money manager spouse who, it is alleged, claimed to have completed college degrees at prestigious California universities even though the university Irvine now says he does not have a degree from there.
Danny is alleged to have links to “Taiwanese mobsters” according to the Los Angeles Times report.  http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-pang18-2009apr18,0,4691956.story
A lawyer named Hugh Randy McDonald was actually tried for her murder according to the LA Times but the trial ended in a hung jury and he was never retried. But I wonder if that murder case will be re-opened? I, for one, hope Mr. Pang did not have anything to do with his wife’s untimely demise–particularly if she was trying to divorce him. I mean, why not just divorce her in that case? No need to have someone popped off if they want out of the marriage anyway. I can see if she didn’t want a divorce.
And I hope these fraud charges are bogus.
But to claim to have a degree from Irvine if that is false? Incomprehensible. I mean, why Irvine? Makes no sense. I can see Stanford. But Irvine?
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