Is your marriage suffering due to strain of “swine flu?” or other virus? What symptoms do you have?

I am such a trendsetter I can’t stand it. I know. Shut up woman nobody wants to hear your crap (people write in and tell me this and it cracks me up. I’m like, who invited you to my party anyway? Get out!). But seriously, sometimes, I come up with some stuff that self-amazes. Like this winter, in January, I wrote this post about the Divorce Virus and now with the swine flu, it is so totally apropos, I can’t believe it. Would you like to read what I said? If yes, go here:
If no, fine. Don’t read it. But you don’t have to verbally abuse me though and say bad things about my blog. Not nice. I’m a sweet girl. It’s just that you never gave me a chance to show you how sweet I can be. But I still think you are cute. And hot!  Hahahahaha. XOXO   🙂