No, divorce is not sexy but you are

I guess sex is at the epicenter of a lot of divorces. And part of the reason is that couples need to have more dialogue about the subject. I am not the person to talk to about this topic because I am not…I find it difficult to have a serious discussion about this issue in this context. I degenerate to saying ridiculous things, and then I start laughing and it’s a real mess and not at all helpful to you. Not that you are taking me seriously or anything with anything I say in this category. Cause if you are, I would really worry about you. I mean, REALLY worry.
But I will say this: cooking can be a very sexy past-time and if couples spent more time cooking together, it could work. It would cure a lot of problems.
I have just two aims for this year. a) learn to cook and b) quit cursing. (You don’t know how funny the former is. You really don’t
But I really think that a woman who loves to cook is irresistible to a man. I am seeing this and there is a reason they’ve always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach….now, guess what I have marinading? Don’t laugh. But…wait. the term is marinading, right?…well, whatever. I am marinading duck breast(s). Because I am making a recipe from Mireille Guiliano’s book, French Women Don’t Get Fat. It calls for fresh magret duck breast, chopped parsley, coarse salt, black peppercorns, and a few other ingredients. The dish is called Duck Breast a la Gasconne, but I am going to rename it something local. Like…well, I haven’t figured that out yet. But I know it is going to be delicious. I will serve it with arugula/fig salad with a few slices of sweet yellow peppers and drizzled with olive oil. 
Now. What does that have to do with this blog and your divorce? Nothing. I am just saying, that cooking can be very sexy. Don’t you think? Come on. Get sexy. Save your marriage….just looked up “marinade.” It means: A liquid mixture, usu. of vinegar or wine and oil with various herbs and spices, in which to soak meat, fowl, and fish before cooking….
P.S. Yes, good old grilled meat and potatoes can be just as sexy. I know this species (men), for the most part, cater to their most primal instincts. I’m just saying, sometimes it’s nice to, you know, make something a bit more refined like duck breasts (oh my god, I know this is hilarious!)  even if you spread the table cloth on the floor of your living room next to the boxes you’ve packed for the MOVE. Just be sure to serve with chilled white wine. Expect to be ravished when you are done….oh, did you say something?….divorce? Who’s talking about divorce?