Hey Sean Penn: Are you willing to throw your spouse and kids under a bus to win the divorce battle?

I just read on TMZ that Sean Penn is the plaintiff in this divorce. Apparently he is the one who served Robin with a petition for separation. The grounds? Irreconcilable differences. But get this: he apparently checked the box that asks the judge NOT to award spousal support to his wife and to make her pay her own attorney’s fees. Say it isn’t so, Sean? I am sure this is a mistake. Sean would want to pay spousal support for his wife and her attorney’s fees if he is richer, which I think he is. Plus, what about the kids? He has two with her, Hopper Jack 15, and…god, I need a brain transplant, I can’t remember anything….what is the name of his daughter? Well, whatever her name is, she’s 18. So we are looking at child support for a few years, right? Or is he planning to throw them under the bus too?