Sean Penn divorce/separation back on?

Sean Penn and Robin Wright hit skids? Again?
At the Oscars this year, I got a very bad vibe when Sean Penn won the Oscar, Robin had to grab him by the face and exact her kiss, then he proceeded to go on the stage and markedly failed to thank her WHILE SHE CRIED for the joy of his win. I got a very bad vibe indeed. Read what I said here: then read what I just read here //, that he filed for “separation” on April 24. Only two months later. If this is true, I am even vaguely surprised that he was so quick  about it. But not really. When a man loves a woman, he just doesn’t read from a list of people to thank for something as important as the Oscar is to people of his class, and accidentally forget his wife.
Boy. Oh Boy. Oh. boy.