Billionaire Divorce Updates: Allen Stanford, Bernie Madoff, Mel Gibson, etc.

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All the world’s billionaires are having marriage trouble this year: Billionaire divorcée Allen Stanford tried to turn himself  in to the Federal Courthouse in Houston today but they turned him away. His lawyer and he claim that they expect the billionaire mogul to be arrested and placed in Federal custody for a ponzi scheme similar to that of Bernard Madoff.
In the meantime, the billionaire’s divorce from his wife long time wife Susan Stanford is still pending. She had asked for a string of perks including shares in the “community properties” she thinks he owns in the Caribbean islands of St. Croix and Antigua. She also wanted ownership of luxury cars and a Texas condominium. But I suspect, that just like Bernie Madoff’s son Andrew, Stanford is not in a position to do any negotiating with his wife, pending all these “investigations.” And therefore there will be no discussion of settlement or distribution anytime soon. (Andrew and Deborah Madoff are at a standstill in their divorce here in New York because the judge feels there are outstanding “investigations” that could change the whole landscape of marital assets, if you know what I mean.)
Meanwhile, Ruth Madoff is still visiting Bernie in prison (I doubt they would do anything as uncouth as engaging in conjugal visits under these untoward circumstances but I am sure they have the option if they are crazy) and she was reportedly turned away from her usual hair salon in Florida. She has no plans to divorce the ponzi king.
Who else? Steve Wynn and Elaine are still at it, it seems. Their billion dollar divorce is not final and they got everything sealed. But no judgment of divorce has been issued just yet.
Mel (almost a billionaire) Gibson and his wife Robyn plan a battle. An ex-girlfriend has come forward (according to the Times of India) to offer her assistance to the wife. She claims Mel lied to her about his marital status and that she had a six month relationship with him. What has this to do with anything? Dunno. As I understand it, fault is irrelevant and California is a community property state and so I am not sure why they are wasting time and money on lawyers. Settle the case and move on, folks.
Haven’t heard a peep out of Countess Marie Douglas David and her soon to be ex hubby George David. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two made up and called off the divorce. And they really don’t belong in this post cause George is only worth about $400 million, which, in the grand scheme of things, makes him a pauper.
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