Recession triggers more War of the Roses divorces

Originally published 12/30/08
Everybody’s heard by now that nobody can get their real estate off the market, except for it becoming an REO these days. That includes recently divorced couples. This is creating a whole new generation of War of the Roses. On Live with Regis and Kelly, they are talking about how more and more divorces are causing more and more couples to live together. It is not by choice, believe me. It is by necessity. The marital residence is still the primary asset for a lot of people who are not rich. The trouble is, in this market, it is virtually impossible to unload any piece of real estate at a profit. Most people are taking a huge hit and so, for a lot of people, there isn’t a lot left to equitably distribute by selling now. The solution? Cohabited while divorced!
I wonder how many of these folks will end up swinging from the chandeliers? Warren Adler may need to write a sequel!