China sees sharp increase in divorce inquiries

Originally published 12/30/08
Yet another Reuters article is claiming that divorce inquiries in China have gone up during the economic downturn.¬† It seems the prolonged recession is putting an undue strain on many unions. While the financial problems are causing most to rethink whether they can afford the divorce, it doesnt’ stop them from inquiring about divorce with divorce attorneys in China. The inquiries are definitely up, but the filings may not be.
That could also be true here in New York where the Wall Street debacle has literally wiped out the net worth (or a significant chunk of it) of a lot of people. So, the question is not “can this marriage be saved?” It is really more like, “can we afford to end this marriage even though we can’t stand each other.”¬† For a lot of people, both in China and New York, the answer is “not right now.”