Lario v. Berlusconi…The psychology of Divorce: When the id and ego clash the marriage implodes

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and wife Veronica Lario: Id vs. Ego
What is this thing called id and ego? Just what does it mean in terms of the mysteries of a failed marriage? Why should it make a fool of so many? There you were, having such a wonderful time. But before you know it, both of you are ready to throw away your marriage. That led me to wonder about the psychology of the whole thing. What is this thing Divorce and what if anything does the id and ego have to do with it….yes, I am listening to Frank Sinatra at the moment…
But. So.
The pain doesn’t go away…inside your laughter the world’s laughing too saying you will never make one more day….the nonsense of it and the pain…the tears never cease to fall…the hurt doesn’t go away…the pain doesn’t go away…
Oh, that’s right. This is about the id and the ego. And Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario. Of course, I am not a psychologist. I forgot which one is the id (the child?) and the ego (the rational grown up).
I wonder who was the id in the Berlusconi/Lario marriage, and who was the ego? On the surface it seems clear that Berlusconi was the one who was into himself and his pleasure principles, and Lario wanted him to take responsibility for his actions and to be more reasoned in exercising his passions for young girls. But who knows?
Often what appears clear on the surface, isn’t so clear once you start to scratch.