MASSACHUSETTS DIVORCE: Is it true that 2nd wives in MASSACHUSETTS have to help their husbands pay the 1st wife alimony?

I just saw an interesting blog post on this blog: about how all these 2nd wives in Massachusetts end up being forced to help their husbands pay his first wife alimony.
Apparently, the laws in Massachusetts are so arcane and draconian (Yes, I know. I am on hiatus. sorry. this is the last post today. aaaaaaah! This friggin blog won’t let me stop writing! aaaaaaah!) that these harsh divorce settlments are turning women against each other. First Wife vs. Second Wife. And not many people seem to understand why the legislature won’t make some way overdue changes.
Evidently, the law currently awards life-long alimony to wives (no matter how old or young) and then factors the second wife’s income with the ex husband to figure out exactly how much the first wife should get in payments. According to the blog post I cited above, sometimes that means the second wife has to re-enter the workforce (and put her kids in daycare) while the first wife sits home and files her nails–just to make ends meet and to keep her and her husband from ending up, I guess, filing bankruptcy or something.
This hardly seems fair. Is this true? Is this really the law in Massachusetts right now? Today? As we speak? If so, why would anybody get married in Massachusetts? Especially secondtime around?