Divorce and Politics: Did John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth have an open marriage that blew up?

Are there really people who have “open” marriages? And how does that really work? What is the anatomy of an open marriage? Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg and her hubby? They supposedly live in separate homes in Manhattan. Is that an open marriage?
I don’t know what that means. What is an “open marriage”?
But I caught about 60 seconds of Peter Jennings’ newscast tonight…no, I meant oh my gosh what is his name? Um…Charlie. Charlie Gibson. I caught a newscast tonight about John and Elizabeth Edwards and apparently John is under investigation for campaign crimes in that he paid his mistress a ton of money to video-tape him or something and I was just like, oh my.
Cheating is not even the point. At this point, I am shockless. What is really mind-boggling is that this man had the temerity to do this while running for president. WHAT? I mean, how reckless can you be? What is the matter with you? What are you thinking about when you do this? And then to pay her over $100,ooo to do a video? And possibly pay her with campaign funds. And now you are facing possible jail time if the feds determine that you used campaign funds and not your own money? Really, what the? What is wrong with these guys?
But now Elizabeth, his cancer-stricken wife comes out and she has this book out called Resilience (I should try to read it and do a review on Divorce Saloon) and she basically admits that she knew all along about this malfeasance all the while the campaign was going on. It’s not like I expected her to out her husband. I wouldn’t have. If my husband had done this, it really isn’t anybody’s business but ours. But at the same time, he would have to scrap the race. I would not put my face out there and risk what they risked. I mean, they could have cited her health, whatever. But drop out of the race.
I mean, did they have an open marriage or something? I don’t understand why she would have gone through with this? She’s not a house-wife who finished high school and got married and didnt’ know better. She’s an attorney. Way more sophisticated than I could ever dream of being. Ivy-league educated, the whole nine. She’s no off the wall blogger like me. She’s smart. She knew better. I don’t blame her for sticking by her man as I said. But why continue with the race, knowing what she knew? It was suicide from the beginning for chrissakes.
Open marriages are one thing (and if that’s what they had theirs certainly have been blown up) but what kind of judgment is this on his part and on hers?