Veronica Lario on divorcing a billionaire narcissist

Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario hit the Italian divorce courts. Which of the two likes themself the most? Will she go after the billions or walk away?
Her husband claims to be the most popular president in the Free World  but I wonder what Veronica Lario’s opinion of her billionaire hubby is? Veronica, as we have noted in several posts today (forget our self-imposed hiatus we are baaack!), has filed for divorce from the Sicilian national. Oh. wait. He’s not Sicilian. Italian. But not Sicilian. I think he’s from Milan…
Mr. Berlusconi seems a wee bit of a narcissist, though. I have read some of his quotes and Italians, by and large, think he’s particularly gaffe-prone. I find him slightly amusing, myself. Slightly. Some of the things he’s reportedly said are rather inappropriate and not funny. But then, sort of funny. Know what I mean? Check out this blog that lists some of his best sound bites to date but make sure you come back to this site when you are done.
Berlusconi is a billionaire who has been compared to Mussolini on many blogs on Italian politics. He’s described as a “man’s man” by many and as a “twat” by others. Go here: It is clear he loves himself very much. Maybe too much? Maybe there wasn’t enough room for his second wife? I wonder if she found him a bit of a narcissist? Or was it just the machismo that got the better of him?
How much of his money will she go after? I am sure as much as she can get. As much as she finds his behavior reprehensible, I am sure she does not find the money all that bad. She will want her share. I have not heard of a wife of a billionaire who ever left and told him to keep his money. How come? Nobody ever says, “keep your money I don’t want it I just want out.” It must be really sweet to have that much money. People can’t seem to get enough of the money. So Veronica will go. But she’s taking a chunk of those billions with her. You can bank on that pilgrim. She should read this post though, so she can stay calm. I suspect things are going to get a little crazy in the next few days
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