When your husband wants you to be a part of his “harem” is divorce the only option?

Veronica Lario probably thinks her husband wants her to be a part of his “harem.” And she balks at that and you can’t even blame her. I mean, look at the woman. What more does that brother need? She’s like, “I am giving you all a this and you still want more? Get out! Get out!!!! And don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Just leave my share of the billions on the table and get out!!! Cause I got my villa. and I got my kids, so you go get your little young little pissy face little….girls…and you know I want to say something else. But I am not going to demean myself.  And may the force be with y’all. Cause I don’t care! And they don’t got nothing on me, you’re little 18 year old nothings, darling, you got that? YOU GOT THAT? And when they dump your old @#$% for a younger man who can satisfy them? Don’t you dare bring your old, ugly-@#$% face near me AGAIN you got that? cause I won’t take you back. You got that? I will change the stupid lock on the villa and I will SURVIVE! I won’t even look at your old @#$%ing face, you 72 year old billionaire male….species….!!!”  
Oh dear. I think I may have jumped the shark. Oops. Well, I am sure Madama Veronica Lario Berlusconi will say no such thing as I have just uttered in all my uncouthness. Please forgive me? Sometimes when I sit down to do this blog something takes over me and I can be so very inappropriate. I ask your forgiveness…
Madama Veronica Lario Berlusconi will simply and classily and quietly and calmly ask for a termination of their matrimonial bond pursuant to Italian matrimonial jurisprudence.
You know, I think this is in the DNA of probably every man on the face of the Earth–this secret desire to have a harem. I have concluded. It’s in all of them. Even for men who are not “straight” I am sure they would have no fundamental objections to a harem. I have wracked my brain about this issue over the years and I have come to the grand conclusion that it is something that the male species is powerless to help. I swear to god.
That is exactly why women are the ones who are blamed when a man cheats on his wife. Because men, by and large, cannot, genetically, help themselves. Therefore they are not responsible for their actions. They have no control! Women have control and are responsible for their actions and for the actions of men. No, I’m very serious. (I don’t make the rules so don’t shoot me, I’m just saying.) The sexual morality of the male species is squarely in the hands and heart of women. It is the responsibility of women to save men from themselves. That he is probably nothing but a married predator preying on the loneliness and manlessness of a single girl who is minding her business and never even fantasized about hitting on him, is beside the point. She, as the woman has to say no. She had to take responsibility for anything that goes down between her and that man. It is never his fault because nature gave her control of her passions; but not him. Uh hm.
This is the nature of man. He is naturally polygamous. Women have to guide men and help them to be monogamous, and some of them try. They try really hard. But. If he cheats, then it is the woman’s fault. It is her failing, not his. He will blame her and other women will blame her.  If he cheats with another woman, it is the other woman’s fault. If he cheats with another man, it is his wife’s and his mother’s fault.
You better believe it. If a man cheats on his wife with a woman, it is the other woman’s fault for not upholding her moral values and protecting him from his own genetic inability to be satisfied with just one woman and it is also his wife’s fault for leaving the opening for him to fail in this manner and not taking care of her business (so both women are to be blamed). If he cheats with a man, it is his mother’s fault for basically…how should I put this…well, it’s his mother’s fault. Leave it that way.
So. Should a woman divorce a man for wanting and being what he is genetically programmed to want and to do? And, I mean, this is universal.You find this in Filipinos, Africans, Swedes, Iraqis, Jews, Caribbean guys, Brits, Americans, Chinese, and I mean, even Australian aborigines, I am sure. ALL OF THEM. So what are women to do if they don’t want to be a part of a harem? Is divorce the only option? 
Girrrrrl. I don’t know. I just straight up don’t know. But I can tell you this: you trade him in cause he wants a harem? And you replace him with Mr. Nice guy who would never even fantasize about a harem? Guess what? That sob wants a harem too. He’s just slicker and quieter about it. Which is more dangerous than the guy who comes right out and admits it. After all, we don’t live in Biblical times when harems were routine. These days, really bad repercussions come from this illicit behavior. So, I don’t know the answer, whether divorce is the only option and what women should do about it. But harems they want. You better believe it. And divorce only sets them on the next victim. Do you want that on your conscience? Or is it better for you to figure out a way to deal?