Does your spouse use divorce threats to keep you in line

I think it was Countess Marie Douglas David who said that her husband would constantly threaten her with, and file for divorce as, a way to either keep her in line, terrorize her, and even have “crazy sex” with her after he had officially scared the bejesus out of her that she would end up childless and without a husband.
I wonder about this. Whether there are really husbands out there, and even wives, who do that. Who use threats of divorce to keep their spouse under their hex. I would think that would be incredibly demeaning, personally. I mean, how high an opinion this person has of him/herself and how low an opinion the other spouse has of him/herself for this scenario to play out? I mean, the person making the threat obviously feels they are all that. And the person receiving the threat feels like they are nothing, feels dependent, needy and powerless. And so they dance to this poisonous beat and call it a marriage. And to me, this is fascism. Whatever fascism is. It’s a fascist approach to matrimony which I would ne’er tolerate meself.
I wonder how it gets so bad? I wonder how it gets to that point where the power dynamics in a marriage are so out of whack that one spouse can threaten the other with divorce to keep them in line. But I guess if it comes down to your spouse following through on this threat, go here: