How to stay sane during the divorce process

As I write, I am also keeping an ear out for the popping of the oven, and for the beautiful, relaxing music from my radio in the kitchen. I’m listening to WQXR and I am also baking my first cake from scratch. I don’t actually know what has come over me but I have been this cooking maven lately. And I seem to have developed an affinity for baking!
Well it was such a rainy day in New York today, and that seems to bring on my desire to bake more than anything….omg! Hang on! I just triggered the smoke alarm! No, I am not kidding. There isn’t any smoke in the apartment?…hang on. We have a very sensitive smoke alarm. Shit! This is upsetting. Hang on a second….now everyone will think I can’t bake and they already think I am a disaster in the kitchen…..and it’s not that. The alarm went off for no reason…no, really. It did. Okay. When that happens I literally have to fan the alarm. I am fanning it with my “Fitness Magazine”….
I am so upset! God. Just when I am in the middle of telling you how to be sane, look at this. We have the most ridiculous smoke alarm and it conspires against me every time I go in the kitchen…Just because I am a divorce lawyer doesn’t mean I don’t know my way around the kitchen for chrissakes. Jesus. You should see the looks I am getting right now.
Anyway. But. So. What is the point of this post? Well, so, here I am with this blog trying to think of ways to suggest that you can stay sane during the divorce process, and I am keenly aware of the peacefulness I feel as I bake, blog and listen to Yo Yo Ma do his magic on the cello on QXR playing Mendelssohn. It is so beautiful (when the friggin alarm is not going off for no reason, that is). And I thought to myself, what else would any divorcee need? This is it right here. Heaven. Bake, Blog and listen to Yo Yo Ma on WQXR on rainy Monday nights in New York during Springtime. That is exactly how you stay sane during your divorce.
So, about my cake. My first cake from scratch. Would you like some details? (If not, skip the rest of this post.)
Well, first of all, the jury is out whether it will even be edible when I am done. Okay? But here is what I did. I took one of Martha Stewart’s recipes for “Rich Yellow Cake”. And then I made it  my own.
This is what happened. I went to the market today to buy some fruits and bought two mangoes? But when I got home I discovered that one of the mangoes was quite sour? So I decided to turn it into something sweet. I combined the mango with (believe it or not) a half of a honey dew which we bought the other day but which was not sweet (what is going on with fruits these days? Nothing tastes like itself!) and I combined the two with brown sugar (and a tiny bit of cane sugar) and mashed them into a watery consistency.
Then. I substituted Martha’s vanilla extract for lemon extract and all the rest of the recipe was the same, except I also substituted milk for “heavy cream.” And I did put a little bit of molasses in it too even though her recipe didn’t call for molasses. (The rest of the ingredients are flour, baking powder, salt, unsalted butter, eggs, white sugar). I also did my own portions. I did not follow the measurements she used….so I ended up with enough batter for 3 cakes. But so what? The more the merrier.
Last, I combined  all the ingredients and put it in the oven and the end result is still baking in the oven as we speak. I don’t know if it will be edible because, just between you and me, I am capable of some serious states of emergency in the kitchen. BUT IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Aaaaaaaaaaah!
And I feel so happy! I feel so accomplished. And so I am thinking of all the divorcees out there. Not that I am going through a divorce. I am not. But I just think that such simple little things that you don’t normally do, can bring such peace, tranquility and sanity to your life during this time, just as long as you are not triggering alarms, of course.
The takeaway? Find something simple and obvious to get into, like baking, listening to soft, tranquil music, whatever. And I think it will go a long way towards making you feel sane during the divorce process. Okay?
Gotta go keep the alarm fanned. I don’t want to wake up the neighbors.
I will try to remember to update you on how the cake came out in another post soon.