Silvio Berlusconi & Mel Gibson shed spotlight on CATHOLICS AND DIVORCE

Catholics have a very stringent standard to live up to. The Church pretty much frowns on many things, to wit: birth control, abortion, and of course DIVORCE. (The “BAD” trilogy)
Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is definitely feeling at least a little bit of heat now that his wife has publicly declared she wants a divorce. As far as I can tell, they are both Catholic and even though the divorce rates are rising in Italy, divorce in Italy is still nowhere near as common place as the practice is in many other progressive countries. Yesterday I did a post about how the Berlusconi’s are giving the papacy a headache. I am sure the Holy See would not be pleased if they read it, let’s put it that way. It was totally silly and I don’t recommend you read it if you are Catholic cause you may get offended and take it the wrong way. Sometimes my own political incorrectness aghasts even me, I have to say.
Mel Gibson is also heavily Catholic and so his recent divorce filing (or I should say his wife’s filing) must cause him at least a little bit of angst. Mel is so Catholicized that he even has a chapel on his property. That’s intense.
I wonder how you feel when you are so intensely religious, so CATHOLIC, and you obviously are so anti divorce, to get slapped with a divorce petition from your spouse? I wonder if Catholics feel more guilty about divorce than other demographics in the population by and large? I wonder if that is why I think the way I think about divorce myself? I mean, I don’t really believe in divorce. I know it is contradictory because I am a divorce lawyer. And I believe that if an individual feels their marriage is not viable, they should get out. But personally? I think if I ever divorced (if I was crazy enough to get married in the first place) it would devastate me. I would just be devastated. Is it because I used to devoutly practice Catholicism? I mean, I practically have to be bulldozed into a church these last few decades so it’s not like I am devout anymore. I find a lot of the church’s teachings much too scary. But I still get traumatized when I think of divorce. I would just go insane.